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Friday, March 17, 2006

The first time...

No, not that.

It's kinda dumb to think that I'll post any more here than I have on MySpace so far. Fact is I only 'joined' to make a facile comment on Jon's blog, but, well, when you're given a tool, you feel impelled to use it. Well, I do anyway.

Current listening (that is NOW, as I tap out these very letters) : 5th Dimension, The Magic Garden on a Japanese import I got in the mail this very morning. Only two probs, both minor: one, the majority of the liner notes are in (surprise !) Japanese... and two, whoever forced them to include "Ticket to Ride" must be hunted down and dispatched for the mongrel that they are. That aside... blissful. There's a moment in "Paper Cup" that's... well, just indescribeable.

Future listening: will most certainly include the Bubblegum compilation Jon recommends. The man has impeccable taste.

Here endeth the first blog.